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"what the hell is keeping you here?"

Is it just me or does it not really feel like July? (Besides the weather, of course) I've never been that fond of summer anyway but something feels off.

Last Friday was Kim's BBQ/Pool Party. Except it was crappy out so I didn't go in the pool. But it was nice aside from the fact that I am socially awkward and have problems talking to new people. Yeah. Saturday, I stayed home while my parents saw X-Men. Sunday was Kelly's True Blood party. That was fun. It was basically her, Erika, and me. We colored in vampire coloring books, we ate good food, had Shirley Temples in Merlotte's/Fangtasia glasses, and had red velvet cupcakes and raspberry jam cookies. The episode was alright. I mean, I have issues with some parts but mostly, this is the first premiere episode to actually make me excited for the rest of the season. (Of course, Alan Ball is an asshole so the rest of the season is most likely crap and Bill gets back with Sookie which UGHHHHHH)

And now I'm back to my boring life. I saw Midnight in Paris and loved it. Saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon and didn't mind it. Again, sometimes you just need to watch alien robots blow shit up. I'm probably spending 4th of July weekend alone as usual. And work sucks. Blah blah blah.


suffocate me

who says

Quickie because this is ridiculous and I can't put it on Twitter.

HEIDI MONTAG AND SPENCER PRATT ARE NOW FOLLOWING ME. I was rejoicing over the fact that ONTD banned them and now they're following me. WHYYYYYYYYYYY? I hate them! Ugh! Should I just block them?

And Johnny Depp as Sexiest Man Alive, I SO APPROVE! :)

dancing with the stars

I was gonna do a list but I'm so exhausted from this past week. So, easier:

the words i need to hear


Real life: School is going fine. I really only hate one of my classes. I'm not doing well in three of my classes but that could all change this week with my four exams in four days. Still having roommate issues, mainly I try not to talk to her unless I'm complaining about something. I feel like I've imposed too many rules but the thing is: they shouldn't be rules, they should be common courtesies! Ugh, I hate her. Suitemates are still okay. We went out to dinner for Carissa's birthday, that was fun. And next weekend I see Kelly! Wooooo! (And Uncle Stephen! Which I didn't think would happen but it is! Yay!)

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Movies: I watched Trading Places this afternoon. Didn't like so much. I didn't laugh at all. I had such high hopes, everyone else loves it. I found it depressing. What is wrong with me? And I just finished My Fair Lady. God, I love it. Although it's so long.

I watched season 1 of Gilmore Girls. I did it within a week! It takes me like a month to watch Bones. I don't get it. I miss Gilmore Girls, it was so good.

Books: I finished the seventh Sookie book. Fun. Now I'm up to the last one we own. Ack. Alright, now off to watch Taylor Swift on SNL. Let's see how this goes.

when you found me

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Real life update soon...ish.

gonna make it right

So I meant to post this sometime last week but failed. I'm not cutting because it's not long and I'm super pissed Natalie is no longer in the competition! I was pulling for her to be in the final 4 at least! Boooooo America. Another entry might come later but I'll just leave you with this: THE YANKEES ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! HELL YEAH!

October 19

Week 4!

Natalie & Alec: Terrible song for the paso. I really think it threw off the dance. Her intensity was there though.

Aaron & Karina: It didn’t look like there were heel leads. He also didn’t look like he did much. He just walked while Karina did the crazy footwork. Boo the judges, he didn’t do anything!

Michael & Anna: A little stiff, but definitely his best dance.

Mya & Dmitry: Girl, you’ve done the tango before! Tricky to do an extended section on the little stage. I did notice some mistakes and I’m glad the scores reflected that.

Mark & Lacey: His arms were weird outside of the hold. It was an okay paso. He did have the character though.

Donny & Kym: Awkward. But there was more content for him than in Aaron’s. Way overscored!

Louie & Chelsie: Pretty good. It was hott but she’s not giving him much to do! :( I think he can handle it. Come on, Chelsie!

Melissa & Mark: Good! There were some missteps I think (ooh, go me! Bruno noticed it as well) but it was great choreography. And she had the character!

Kelly & Louis: I think she was off a bit in the beginning but that was definitely my favorite paso of the night. The song helped so much.

Joanna & MAKSIM: I thought she did well. She and Maks worked well together.

Group Hustle: Definitely the best group dance in about three seasons. I’m a huge fan of disco so I don’t even care. It was fun, I liked everyone (except the people I already dislike, AARON), good times.

Weekend Update. I WENT HOME! It was lovely. I got to see my puppy and sleep in my bed and wake up on my own. I saw Whip It and loved it so much. I want to be a Hurl Scout for Halloween! I went shopping and got depressed because there is just nothing cute being sold. Everything is so boring. I spent time with Grandpa and that’s always fun. And I saw Kelly! Yay! Oh, and the huge project for this weekend was cleaning out the toy chests. OH MY GOD. My sisters and I had every single toy made in the 90s. It’s kind of ridiculous. I’m going to photograph them all when we actually go through them to decide which ones to throw out (I KNOW HOW TERRIBLE).

dancing with the stars (LIVE!)

Week 3: Samba & Rumba Night!Collapse )

Now to finish studying for my two exams tomorrow. GAH.

words meme

Reply to this post by yelling "Words!" and I will give you five words that remind me of you. Then post them in your LJ and explain what they mean to you.

Given to me by pippie_poppins !

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